Baby Comet Face, Yann Gerstberger<
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24 × 30 cm, 232 pages

Baby Comet Face is Yann Gerstberger's (b. 1983, Cagnes sur Mer, France) debut monograph, presenting more than forty of his large-scale textile tapestries and an extensive series of drawings, sketches, and collages straight from the artist’s studio. Gerstberger’s work is set alongside texts by anthropologist-ethnobotanist Wade Davis and Mexican poet Gabriela Jauregui. In addition to the main volume, Baby Comet Face includes a 32-page annex of Gerstberger’s exhibitions and large-scale murals. It was printed in a limited run of 800 copies, on five different paper stocks, with silk-screened cover.

Published by Zolo Press, ISBN: 978-84-09-04622-5

A pinkish book cover adorned by a hand-drawn bird of unknown species.
The inside cover. It reads: 'Yann Gerstberger,' with 'Baby Comet Face' scribbled over top.
A spread. On the left: the bulb of a sunflower, a firework, and nine parachutes. On the right: a poem by Gabriela Jauregui entitled 'Avis rara.'
Another spread, this time on yellow paper with an person lying before an idyllic landscape. They are wearing a large hat.
A two-column page with the beginning of Wade Davis' essay. It's called A Collective Vision.
Details of two of Yann's artworks. The texture of the pigment is grainy.
The back cover. It says Zulu Press.