Diary of a Senseless Work, Beatriz Gonzaléz
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23 × 30 cm, 128 pages

In 1981, Beatriz Gonzaléz (b. 1938, Bucaramanga, Columbia) realized Mural Para Fábrica Socialista, her reinterpretation of Picasso’s Guernica. Over the course of its year-long production, Gonzaléz documented her daily toil, unfolding research, creative process, and occasional musing. Diary of a Senseless Work presents her original handwritten diary, with Spanish transcription and English translation, mapping the twists and turns of her kaleidoscopic mind. It was printed in a limited run of 500 copies.

Published by Zolo Press, ISBN: 978-84-09-03758-2

A photograph of the book's front cover on a gray background. The cover is florescent yellow with a navy blue preliminary drawing of a horse's mouth from Beatriz's notebook.
A fold-out page with a photograph of Gonzaléz's complete rendition of Picasso's Guernica.
Pages 16 and 17. 16 is blank, with just the page number at the bottom. 17 features a scan of the first page of Beatriz's working diary. Her handwritting is a condensed script, punctuated by drawings, diagrams, and measurements.
The first page of the English translation of Gonzaléz's diary. Each entry is marked by its date—in this case, Wednesday, March 4, 1981. It is printed in two columns on matte yellow paper that matches that of the cover.
The final spread of the English translation of Gonzaléz's diary, with the last entry—dated Friday, December 18—and fourteen endnotes.
The book's back cover. It lists the dates of the diary entries included, from March 4 to December 18, 1981. The co-publisher, La Oficina del Doctor, is noted at the bottom in small text alongside the ISBN number.