El Topo y La Tetera, Gabriel Sierra
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19 × 26 cm, 92 pages

What happens when a mole loses his sense of time? If that mole is under the care of Gabriel Sierra (b. 1975, San Juan Nepomuceno, Colombia) he builds seven houses, one for every day of the week. With El Topo y la Tetera (The Mole and the Teapot), Sierra applies his wild sculptro-architectural imagination to the children's book. Produced on three paper stocks and four sizes, with hand-sewn binding, in a limited run of 400 copies.

Published by Zolo Press, ISBN: 978-84-09-04623-2

A photograph of the book's front cover on a light gray background. The title, El Topo y la Tetera, is set in a yellow serif atop a gray spray-painted halloween-pumpkin-looking figure.
The inside cover. The text of the book sits within a small yellow pamphlet.
Page 13. On the left, images of white leaves adorn a blue sheet of paper. Behind the text are scattered black dots of varying sizes, resembling the hide of a cow or a block of cheese.
Pages 46 and 47. The text occupies the lower half of the pages, with lots of white space all around.
Page 76, the last page of the story. Behind it lies black paper with the grain of an analogue camera.
The end page, with an amoporhous light blue figure dissolving at its edges. Within its body are two white circles—maybe they are eyes or moons, or just circles.
The book's back cover. Zolo Press is printed in yellow text atop a pattern of leaves and branches from assorted trees.