Julia Rommel, Julia Rommel
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24 × 31 cm, 288 pages

“I’m a painter. I have other obsessions but they never last.” Julia Rommel’s (b. 1980, Salisbury, Maryland, USA) eponymous monograph gathers a decade of her re-stretched canvases and other painterly obsessions, alongside an original essay and an interview with Rebecca Bengal.

Published by Zolo Press, ISBN: 978-1-7345275-2-0

A photograph of the the front cover of Julia Rommel's monograph on a light grey background. The cover is simple, with only the artist's name printed at the top over a detail of one of her restretched canvases. The cover has a canvas-like texture.
The title page, which, strangely, is on 63. On page 62 is a list of the works in the 2019 exhibition 'Fall Guy'.
A spread with a photograph of the oil on linen painting 'Aqua Boy.' On the right, a detail of a seam where four different colors—orange, pink, deep navy, and blue—intersect.
Pages 168 and 169. 168 is blank, with only the number. Page 169 features a photograph of the painting 'Ex-wife' on a white wall in a concrete-floored gallery.
A spread with two photographs of the same painting. In one photograph, the canvas is turned backwards, exposing the light wood stretchers.
The back cover. The publisher's name (Zolo Press) sits quietly at the top in black ink on a blueish-green background.