Local Warming, Sebastian Black
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22 × 30 cm, 124 pages

For Sebastian Black (b. 1985, New York, USA), 2020 was a year like no other: a pandemic; three exhibitions; a move to Los Angeles; a presidential election; a baby, too. Local Warming is Black's tale of it all, as recorded in his diary and thirty-four paintings of thermal images captured with his iPhone.

Published by Zolo Press, ISBN: 978-1-7345275-5-1

A photograph of the book's front cover on a light-grey background. The cover features one of Black's thermal image paintings, this one of a prone cat.
A spread of pages 40 and 41. 40 is blank, with only the page number in the upper left corner. 41 contains a thermal-image painting bounded by white-space. It contains amorphous cells of teal, navy, orange, green, and red.
Another spread, this one of pages 6 and 7. 6 is blank. 7 contains a half-page of text from Black's diary, set in a sans-serif and slightly indented.
Two pages with Black's diary entries from April 1, 2021 to April 18, 2021.
A spread, unnumbered, each page with a different thermal-image painting. At left, is what resembles a pool, with a circular float in its back-left corner. At right appears the same pool, the float absent.
Pages 114 and 115. A single thermal-image painting, resembling technicolor camouflague, runs from the right edge, across the spine, and onto a third of the left-hand page.
Local Warming's back cover. It features five paragraphs of text written by the artist as well as the title, publisher (Zolo Press), and ISBN number.