MP.19, Matt Paweski
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22 × 29 cm, 200 pages

How do you use a purposeless object? Matt Paweski's (b. 1980, Detroit, Michigan, US) debut monograph attempts an answer. MP.19 surveys Paweski's complete aluminum works from 2016 to 2019, with a conversation between the artist and critic Chris Sharp.

Published by Zolo Press, ISBN: 978-1-7345275-0-6

A photograph of the front cover of Matt Paweski's debut monograph. Iridescent silver paper reflects the light. A single image of a blue sheet-metal sculpture lies in the center.
The book's inside cover, with the title, author, publisher, and ISBN number. A close-up of a line drawing for one of Paweski's sculptures resembles orbital paths.
A full spread index of the sculptures included in the book, organized by year. The materials (for example: aluminum, aluminum rivets, vinyl paint) are listed alongside the dimensions (in this case, 2 x 10 x 10 inches).
Pages 94 and 95. On 94, a photograph of 'Claire,' a forest green sculpture made of aluminum, aluminum rivets, and vinyl paint. It is 16 inches high, 49 inches wide, and 16 deep. On 95, stands 'Ogee,' a sky-blue squarish sculpture fabricated of the same materials. It measures 28 by 28 by 16.
Another spread: of pages 168 and 169. On 168 is a photograph of 'Couples,' a black, cadmium red, and deep green sculpture with four cylinders arranged in a square. On 169, another detail of a preparatory drawing. It lists two dimensions—5' and 13 x 13'—marked in black ball-point pen.
The back cover, featuring another angle of the sculpture displayed on the front cover.