Philosophy from B to Z, B. Wurtz
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22 × 32 cm, 108 pages

Philosophy from B to Z presents over seventy hanging sculptures by B. Wurtz (b. 1948, Pasadena, California, US) produced between 2006 and 2017, with original artworks and texts created for the book. It was printed in a limited run of 400 copies, in full color on three paper stocks.

Published by Zolo Press, ISBN: 978-84-09-00360-0

The cover. It features a hanging sculpture of grocery adverts and two bottle caps: one large and black, the other quarter-sized and light green. 'B. Wurtz' is blind embossed.
Pages 64 and 65. On 64 is a photograph of hanging sculpture with the silouette of a three-socket wall outlet pressed onto teal fibrous paper. On 65 is a larger hanging sculpture with a piece of cream paper with several rivet holes. A rich blue bottle cap dangles from the bottom-most hole, held by translucent fishing line.
Pages 23 and 24. On 23 is a detail of the upper-left corner of a beige paper adorned by some white and blue bag ties alongside shapes and words written with yellow, red, black, and white oil stick. On 24, a tomato-red napkin cut to resemble a plastic bag is attached to a blue wire hanger. In the middle of the napkin is a drawing of blue pentagram, in the middle of which is a drawing of a yellow short-sleeve t-shirt, in the middle of which is a drawing of a red heart.
Another spread, this time pages 42 and 43. On the left is the beginning of an essay entitled 'Going to the Hardware Store,' with black monospaced text on glossy blue paper. On the right is a photograph of a hanging sculpture with the contours of a light-switch plate pressed into paper.
A book spread with two photographs. On the left is a white paper bedecked with various stickers, images of apples, pears, peaches, and oranges, and the lid of a yogurt container from Seven Stars Farm. On the right is ivory paper into which has been pressed various electrical wall plates and light switches.
The book's back cover. The paper is lemon yellow, on which is printed: B. Wurtz, Philosophy from B to Z, Zulu Press, and the ISBN number.