Marc Breslin, Sticksville
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14 × 21 cm, 112 pages

Welcome to Sticksville, where Peter Paul Biggums is on the campaign trail, Danny Rodriquez is losing his virginity, the Psychosluts from Hell are about to take the stage, Jamie Silverdreme and Chris Leftway are hard at work on a science experiment, Quindy and Huey are eating breakfast, and Pete is paying a visit to the afterworld. Marc Breslin's (b. 1983, New York, United States) debut collection of short stories—illustrated with twenty-three paintings—invites us to a place both absurd and intimate, strange and strangely familiar. Printed on two paper stocks in a limited run of 400 copies.

Published by Zolo Press, ISBN: 978-84-09-12940-9

A photograph of Sticksville's front cover. Two blue arms peek through a darkened jail cell as a cigarette billows from between one of its fingers.
A spread from the book's opening short story. On the left is a painting of a happy looking black dog with ears at attention and tail folded. On the right, three paragraphs of text set in a serif.
Another spread with counterposed painting and text. This time, the painting depicts a hand slipping between a man's pants.
Yet another spread, but this time the painting is at left. It portrays a pool in a motel courtyard. The sky is a citrus gradient.
The first page of Sticksville's final short story, entitled 'Hello,'' with two paragraphs of text. On the left is the book's twenty-first painting: a football field at nightime as lighting pierces the air.
Sticksville's back cover. It lists the stories contained within: Peter Paul Biggums, Danny Rodriguez, Psychosluts from Hell, Buttons, Catch of the Day, Derrick, and Hello. The ISBN code is listed at the bottom, for good measure.