Tokyo Private (Un Roman Photo), Harold Ancart
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18 × 25 cm, 208 pages

In 2018, Harold Ancart (b. 1980, Brussels, Belgium) traveled across Japan and Thailand, journaling along the way. Tokyo Private (Un Roman Photo) consists of loosely connected personal essays and fragmented ideas that respond to the author’s surroundings while on the trip with his friends. Printed in a limited run of 800 copies, on Japanese paper with several production finishes.

Published by Zolo Press, ISBN: 978-84-09-11557-0

A photograph of the front cover of Harold Ancart's 'Tokyo Private.' The white paper glimmers just slightly. In the right corner, a lone iPhone photo of two small, red fish on ice.
Pages 10 and 11. At left, a selfie of Harold and his friend Emilien at the airport. On the right, a short diary entry running just eight lines of serif text.
A spread, with one image per page. On the left, a vertical photo of two items at a Japanese grocery store with price tags reading 548 and 498 yen. At right, a landscape image of some more packaged food. They are cheaper.
Pages at 48 and 49. Here too, Harold's entry is short, occupying the top third of the left-hand page. On the right lies a photo of a colorful analog clock reading 2:52.
On pages 172 and 173 Harold chronicles his attempt to find a rare Seiko watch. On the left is an image of a Tokyo watchmaker named Ikeda in his shop. The wall behind him is littered with analog clocks of many shapes and ages. On the right is a short passage of text.
Another spread with juxtaposed image and text. The image is of Harold and his translator, a young Japanese woman named Aisha, waiting for food in a restaurant booth. The text runs the entire length of the page, but is slightly indented.
Harold reports about his return to Los Angeles. On the left is an image of a painting in progress. At right, half a page of text.
Tokyo Private's back cover. Like the front, it is a glossy white. The title, author, and publisher (Zolo Press) are enumerated from top to bottom.